Sing Sing

David Bridie triumphs with Sing Sing...


It was a privilege to watch and listen...


Sing Sing was presented by the Victorian Arts Centre in association with Next Wave Festival and played to sell-out audiences in Sydney, Melbourne and Port Moresby.

Sing Sing brought together songwriters, musicians and dancers from Papua New Guinea, the Torres Straight Islands, Aboriginal and white Australia for a series of concerts exploring traditional and contemporary culture. The respective music scenes of these regions are vibrant and quickly gaining world recognition - yet are rarely joined together. Sing Sing explored the often shared musical heritage and experience of the performers, the cultural and historical links between their islands and peoples (carried via the trade boats running between the islands), and the distinctive stories and sounds of each of the performers "Ples"' (place).

The performing space was transformed through inspired stage design and spectacular projected images of Australian, Torres Strait Islander and Papua New Guinean landscapes, creating a kaleidoscope of colours and contours evoking the regions of these peoples.

Sing Sing was musically directed by renowned performer and producer David Bridie.

The Sing Sing artists:

Melbourne: Not Drowning, Waving (David Bridle, John Phillips, Russet Bradley, Helen Mountfort, James Southall, Rowan McKinnon), Dave Steel.

Papua New Guinea: George Telek, Ben Hakalitz, Pius Wasi, Jack David, Charles Kalweh, Jack Kau, Buruka Tau.

Torres Strait Islands: Albert David. Jeanette Fabila, Sam Barsah.

Aboriginal: Archie Roach, Ruby Hunter, Frances Williams, Eben Roach.

Sound: Stuart McPhee,
Slides & Projections: Ian de Gruchy,
Stage Design: Wendy Black, Ian de Gruchy
Stage Manager: Margaret Lloyd.

Sydney State Theatre - Saturday May 25
Melbourne Concert Hall Sunday May 26
Schools" Performance -Tuesday May 28
Port Moresby, PNG - Saturday June 1

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