projection for performance

Mahony Masques

directed Peter King performed by Going Through Stages Physical set Peter Corrigan, projections Ian de Gruchy and music by Jonathan Mills, Theatreworks, Melbourne 1992.

Dazzle of Shadow

Dazzle of Shadow is a disfiguring, a defacing, of dazzling visions of the anthropologists who made made the Aboriginal Other their own Same. Their project, however unthinkingly, was one of spatial, social and spiritual destruction. Anthropologists became graveside orators, burying what may have been dazzle and darkness among the shades . At no point in the performance does Dazzle of Shadow represent or perform Aboriginal languages, poetry, song, places, music, or dance. All that is represented or performed – figured or transfigured – are the anthroplogists,, what they wrote, captured, nullified, and mourned; and spaces, figures, sounds, images, movements, after and beyond the writing, capture, voiding, and mourning.

director – Peter King
composer – Jonathan Mills
projections – Ian de Gruchy
set design – Michael Scott-Mitchell
performers – Michael Collins – Trevor Patrick – Damian Richardson – David Wicks
percussionists – Jamie Richmond – Peter Neville – Conrad Nilsson – Craig Beard
performed at – gutted 14th floor, Tivoli Building, Bourke Street, Melbourne.