Reviews and articles 



Light Play With Critical Projections by Siobhan McNabb, Switch Magazine, Issue 5, 2002.

Guilty Art by Andrew Mackenzie, Broadsheet, Vol 32 No 2, 2002.

Ian de Gruchy's Magic Screens and Digital Projections by Anne Marsh, Eyeline, no 43, 2000.

Project: Towards an appreciation of Ian de Gruchy's Work by Suzie Attiwill, Transition 61/62, 2000.

Throwing light on the subject by Suzanne Brown, Architecture, The Age, November 5 1999.

A show full of suspense by Anne Marsh, Herald Sun, May 7, 1997

.Photography, Ian de Gruchy by Freda Freiberg, The Age, 7 May 1997.

Sing Sing Next Wave Festival 1995.

Filling space with images by Anne Marsh, Herald Sun October 3,1995.

Off The Wall by Anne Marsh, Herald Sun, November 29, 1994.

Jude Walton: Eating Earth From Home by Jackie Dunn, eyeline 20,1992.

Jude Walton: No Hope, No Reason by Jackie Dunn eyeline 17, 1991.


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